We are MetTalents Global incorporated in Canada. Below are our terms and conditions.

MetTalents Services

We connect freelancers with our global clients.

The clients post a job on our dashboard and interview top tier freelancers to get the best fit. The client pays funds into the Escrow account and should confirm the specifications of the job and what needs to be accomplished in the project space.

Freelancers must respond to messages sent to him/her by the clients and must also provide regular updates about progress in the project space. All freelancers must adhere strictly to deadlines. Failure to do so will affect the freelancers' ratings.

If the client is not happy with the project done, freelancers must be given an opportunity to make at least two changes if this will meet the expectations of the clients.

Freelancers should raise an invoice requesting for funds held in the once the project is completed. Clients must pay them within 7 working days of the project submission or the system will automatically release the funds.

Keeping all communications in the project space

All communications must be made on our platform. Video conferencing using web services is allowed which involves sharing links but not personal IDs. This includes inviting freelancer or clients to a meeting by sharing an invitation link e.g. google hangouts.

No sharing of personal information between clients and freelancer such as phone number or Skype ID at all except if this becomes absolutely necessary and prior request must be made to metTalents to give the permission to share it.

All freelancers are advised to desist from sharing the personal IDs before the contact is awarded. This has become the order of the day in different platforms. Doing so, especially during the bidding process goes against our terms and conditions and will lead to temporary restriction on user's account. We have AI tools to alert us once a user shares his/her personal details.

Secured Payments

MetTalents acts as an agent of payment and quality service delivery between clients and freelancers. Once the payment is approved by the clients and confirmation has been made, metTalents agrees to make such funds available to the freelancers within five (5) working days. All payments must be made through metTalents and any attempt to pay outside our platform may not only lead to 3 months suspension but could result in account termination. Users must report any attempt to pay outside metTalents. These cases usually happen when communicating outside our platform such as Skype.

Once a payment has been made, clients reserve all the rights for the project delivered.

MetTalents User Accounts:

User must register to access our full website and must provide accurate information and keep them up-to-date. Government-issued ID must be provided to verify the identity of the users and in some cases, we can request for proof of address in the form of utility bills,

MetTalents reserves the right to temporarily or permanently block our users' accounts or stop any project in progress, or disclose your actions to other freelancers and clients if:

  • 1) If we are not able to verify your identity or authenticate the information you provided us.
  • 2) If you bridge our terms and conditions such as paying or receiving funds outside our platform.
  • 3) If we strongly believe that your actions will pose or cause any loss or liability to us or our users.

Project Offers and Delivery

The client is expected to have enough funds in his/her account which will be deposited once an offer is being made. These funds are held in the Escrow account.

It is the duty of the clients to provide the requirements for the projects and all the deliverables in the project space before the freelancer begins the project. Once this is done, freelancers:

  • I) Must respond in the project space within one working day.
  • II) Provide regular updates on the progress made.
  • II) Must meet deadlines or request in advance for an extension from the clients.
  • III) Late delivery of the project will impact on the ratings of the freelancers.

All these must be communicated in the project space.

Once the project is completed:

The freelancer will raise an invoice for the clients to release the funds held in the Escrow Account. This will be released to our freelancers as payments. However, the clients can reject the invoice and must request for revision before approving the invoice. The freelancers must be given the chance to provide at least two revisions based on the feedback from clients. If the clients do not leave a feedback or reject the invoice, the funds will be released automatically to the freelancer as payment after five (5) working days.

Releasing the funds in the escrow by the clients will mean that the freelancer and metTalents will assume that the client is satisfied with the project and that there is no dispute whatsoever regarding the project. The client also agrees that he or she will not file a dispute or apply to reverse the payment through the bank, Paypal, stripe, Payoneer or credit card provider.

Protecting Our Freelancers

Clients must pay for the legitimate service rendered by our freelancers and must have an account in good standing. He or she must agree to pay for the hours billed to him/her by our freelancers. The number of hours agreed must not exceed the weekly limit set in the project offer.

The freelancers must file for dispute within 7 days if the invoice is rejected by the client and must identify the details of the job completed as agreed in the offers.

Protecting Our Clients

The client can reject the invoice if the hours billed are not related to the projects or the work done is not in line with the specifications in the project offer.

Freelancers must deliver a high-quality job that meets the client's need at all times.


All payments must be processed through metTalents. We routinely check payments by clients for fraud prevention before any fund is released to the freelancers. We also tend to process these payments within three (3) working days; however, we reserve the right to take up to ten (10) working days if we suspect fraud. Freelancers need to request a withdrawal from authorized withdrawal accounts. The authorized account includes:

  • I) A Payoneer, stripe or Paypal accounts with the same name and email as registered on the profile of the user.
  • ii) A bank account with the user's name as registered on the user's profile.

MetTalents reserves the right to ask for additional proof of identity with having the clients and freelancers provide :-

  • i) Government-issued ID
  • ii) A copy of a recent utility bill showing the users name and address.
  • iii) Paypal account statement showing user's details.

NB: There is a zero risk period of 10 working days to determine if a freelancer/agency is the right fit for you. Freelancers/agencies are strongly advised to apply for the jobs they can deliver according to specification and on time.

Project Cancellations and Refunds

A client can seek for cancellation of projects if they believe they are entitled to it. The funds in the Escrow Account will be refunded by requesting for a refund using the request fund action in the project space.

How the Refund Policy works:

The following circumstances can necessitate the refunds of the funds held in the Escrow Account :-

  • I) The freelancer does not respond within one working day of getting the offer.
  • ii) The freelancer did not deliver the scope of the work within the time frame.
  • iii) The project submitted did not meet the terms agreed by both parties.

Clients and freelancers may mutually agree to refunds for reasons other than those mentioned above. All refunds are applicable to funds held in the Escrow Account Only.

Clients must avoid filling for a dispute or reversing a payment through their credit card holder, Payoneer, Pay Pal, Stripe. That will lead to the suspension of the account.

The client can request a refund using our Request Refund action in the project space and must provide a valid reason for that.

We strongly discourage cancellations and refunds by our users for the following reasons :-

  • i) If the freelancer is at fault, this will affect his/her reputation and ratings negatively. Conversely, if the client is at fault, it will also affect the client's reputation.
  • ii) Multiple cancellations and refunds will lead to the user's account to being restricted temporarily or permanently depending on how severe this is.

Dispute Resolution

MetTalents encourage our users to try and resolve their disagreements as much as they can. If this is not possible metTalents customer service can provide dispute resolution

Both the freelancer and the client agree to and accept any payment and /or other actions made by metTalents in accordance with the resolution decision of a dispute and our users shall have no cause of action against metTalents ( whether in tort, contract or otherwise) with respect to the decision made or any other actions or payments . Users agree further and accept that they have no right to seek to hold metTalents liable for a client or freelancer's alleged actions or failures.

MetTalents Fees Structures and Commission

General Terms of using our website The metTalents terms of use show how freelancers and clients make use of our freelance workplace and contain valuable information that should not be ignored. You are advised to read them carefully.

Our Private Policy

By proceeding to use our service, freelancers and clients consent that metTalents may process their personal data it collects in accordance with our privacy policy and terms of the North American General Data Regulation 2019/657.

MetTalents may also use your personal data to gather feedback that will improve users' experience with our platform.

MetTalents is not a party to any service contract between Freelancer and client. Any service contract between freelancer and client shall be in accordance with such user's privacy policy and terms of the North America General Data Protection Regulation 2018.

Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any claim or dispute arising or in connection with them shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Law of North America ( US and Canada). The courts of the US and Canada shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any claim or dispute that arise with these terms and conditions or subject matter.