We are a network of ambitious developers and business strategists working closely at SDS Software in the United Kingdom (Business ID). Having worked with many freelance marketplaces over a few years, we decide to come up with our brand to address the pain points of both our clients and freelancers.

The idea of met talents/metro talents came from the yawning gaps created by a shortage of highly skilled talents in the metropolitan cities. These cities are driven by technology and innovations aim to tackle the next-generation challenges. Hiring such talents has been extremely difficult from interview to on boarding and retaining them for a long time. These talents demands flexibility, work-life balance, increase in paychecks and other perks. They are very much aware of their contribution to the organizations/agencies when it comes to staying competitive in the global markets.

At SDS Software, we developed metTalents ecosystem around the challenges currently facing the freelance marketplace around the world, from vetting of freelancers to working with them, and making secured payments through our escrow services. We are dynamic and very responsive when we discover a gap that needs to be filled if that will add value to our services.

Our vision is to become a global leader in the freelance ecosystem with a mission to provide excellent services to our global clients through providing access to top-notch freelancers/independent contractors/agents. These freelancers have exemplified themselves ar leaders in their own right and have excellent track records of high performance and requisite skills, certifications and the attitudes to approach our clients.

We plan to meet the ever-increasing demands for top-performing talents around the world to take on the next-generation challenges. We are very particular about selecting our talents and are very thorough during our vetting process. We hire ONLY the top 1%, top 3% with top 5% inclusive. We give the top 5% freelancers to up their skills and top. We also strive to ensure that they update their skills through our educational initiatives to keep them competitive. We also organize annual talents competition to reward the most innovative talents in software technology. This we hope will serve an incentive to motivate others to update their skills and be very innovative.