Freelancing With A Difference

Outsourcing the right talents for your project and getting them to work collaborately and transparently have never been easy. At met-talents we give you access to the world class professionals who have the requisite skills, experiences and certifications to bid for contracts/jobs. You get proposals only from those with relevant skills and experience.

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Business Partners:

Top Rated Freelancers with High-Performance records.

High-performance companies and promising startups in the world make smart decisions of hiring top performing
freelance teams globally to deliver superior quality projects in a timely and professional manner.

What makes us different

Recruiting Our Freelancers
We maintain the two extremes of hiring freelancers. Those we invite and those who apply. This allows us to meet our clients demand for a pool of rare talents. We vet all our freelancers and recruit the top 5%. All freelancers must be certified to apply for a jobs with specific skill sets.
Partnerships with Our Freelancers
Our freelancers are the most valuable assests after our clients and will strive continuously to help them go their businesses through our venture capital, reduce the waiting time once their funds are released, make clients project available to them through our global outreach. We will continue to find innovative ways to address their challenges through our community talks and open forum for constructive criticisms and feedback. The funds will be made available to the most innovative freelancers once in a year.The date for this will be announced soon. Read More
Language of Communications
Both clients and freelancers can choose the language to communicate with and the language of their projects websites.
Tips for freelancers and clients
Mistakes To Avoid when Hiring
Solutions To Problem Facing Freelancers


Met Talents network involves a team of talents in Ecommerce Development, Mobile App Development,Software Development,Cloud computing and amazon web services, Web and graphic design,SEO/SEM marketing,Machine learning,Artificial intelligence,Content writing and Translation freelancers.


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Review your proposals

For a perfect match.
You only get a few proposals
only from those who have
the relevant experience and
are certified to handle your

Once you find a perfect match

Request for NDA and a
comprehensive proposals
before the project begins.

Hire Only the Best Fit

Once you are 100% convinced of
their competence, go-ahead with the

Effective Communication

Set up the best communications strategy that
works for you and your freelancers upfront. You
can request for regular meetings through google
hangout or zoom, which are preferred tools. No
sharing of Skype IDs before the contract is
awarded. Keep all meetings brief and straight to
the point and always provide honest feedback
and constructive criticisms when it's necessary.

Know Your Team

Request to know your team members
and who does what especially when
hiring an agency. This helps in directing
your queries to the right freelancer and
saves you precious time.

Managing your Projects/Freelancers

Always resist the temptation to micro-manage
your freelancers as this may put them off as
independent contractors and affect the morale to
think creatively. Always revisit the proposal weekly
to keep the freelancers on tract if they tend to
deviate and always remember set the tasks that
need to be accomplished at the beginning of a
week. This help with meeting deadlines.

Secured Payment Gateways and Escrow Systems

Data Protection and payment security are our topmost priorities at metTalents. We ensure that our Payment Gateways are PCI compliance.This provides an additional layer of security that is sophisticated in their encrypting processes. Besides, our payment gateways uphold the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ensures that our customer data and payment information are secured.

Steps Taken To Keep Our Users Protected

Step 1: SSL

We secure all transactions with SSL protocol. This helps to encrypt our users' sensitive data all the time. Using payment gateways such as PayPal and Stripe ensure that our users’ credit card data are collected directly on the third-party sites and thus, our site is never handling sensitive payment information.

Step 2: Tokenization

A token, which is a random string of numbers, is generated. This replaces the sensitive users' data such as the 16-digit card details. With tokenization, the chances of a data breach are reduced and if it does happen, the token number is meaningless to the fraudsters.

Step 3: 3D Secure

This creates a secure password for the user's card and must be verified with the password for every transaction. This adds an extra layer of security to your transaction.